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I.   How do I order?

We’ve made testing easy:

  1. Fill out a registration form (online, by phone, or we can send you a hard copy version via mail or fax).
  2. Wait for your blood test kit to arrive in the mail.
  3. Go to the collection site we assigned to you (we have over 3,000 sites).
  4. 15 to 18 business days after your blood is drawn your results will arrive at your home.

It’s that simple.

II.  Special Instructions

A.      New clients vs. Current clients

All new client HealthPrint orders must start with a Basic HealthPrint and New Client Set-up Fee.  The New Client Set-up Fee is only paid the first time you test with us.  Additional tests can be added to any Basic HealthPrint order.

After you have tested the first time, you can order tests individually without a Basic HealthPrint on any future re-orders.  If you choose this option, there is a $95 Order Process Fee to cover the costs associated with getting your blood drawn and the costs associated with generating your Health ScoreCard Report.   You may add as many tests as you wish to the HealthPrint Order Process Fee.

B.     Blood draw specifics

  • Fasting is required
  • Blood is drawn Monday to Thursday no later than 11am (however, if you order a VAP your draw must be done on a Monday or Tuesday)
  • All costs are included in our up-front prices, there are no hidden costs
  • All you have to do is get yourself to the collection site – we’ll take care of the rest

III.  Pricing, please go to “Pricing

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