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Our clients

HealthPrints are not just for people who are sick.  Serious athletes, business executives, and everyday people concerned about their health also use HealthPrints.  If, after reading through our website, you think ‘I will do a HealthPrint once I get sick’… you have missed the most important point!

If you feel healthy today that does not mean you are healthy.  Health problems develop gradually over time and quite often symptoms are the body’s last attempt to tell you there is a problem.  Furthermore, many diseases like cardiovascular disease and diabetes are silent killers.  Thousands of people have them, but have no idea.

A HealthPrint can help you stay healthy as well as help you fine-tune your health at a time when it easiest to improve on minor imbalances.  Testing before you feel sick also gives you a chance to see where your blood levels are when you are feeling well.  This helps you establish a personal baseline that is useful should you get sick in the future.

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